Do you need top-notch consultants and programmers to get that project completed ASAP? We've got 'em!

Advanced Business Systems is the software development firm the Chicagoland knows and trusts... since 1990.

For 20 years, Advanced Business Systems has been helping clients in the Chicago area and beyond achieve peak performance using state-of-the-art computer technology... and to get the most for their IT dollar.

Our primary strengths include:

  • Experienced, professional development staff--consultants, systems analysts, and programmers—with expertise in the entire Microsoft Suite of development tools including Visual Basic, .net, ASP, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access, as well as Oracle and MySQL. (Here's a detailed overview of our technological expertise.)
  • Extensive Web development capability, especially web-enabling corporate databases, e-commerce, and converting legacy systems to Web-based corporate intranet applications.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing through targeted use of optimized Web sites, blogs, online user reviews, and social media.
  • Strong business knowledge, especially in the areas of finance, accounting, and marketing. We not only build applications—we understand the needs behind them.

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SEO/SEM for Realtors®

Search engine optimization and marketing are crucial for many businesses, but especially for Realtors®. Why? Because many people looking to buy or sell a home are simply going to google the name of their town and "realtor." If you're near the top of the listings, they'll visit your site and establish a relationship with you. If you're not, they won't. That simple.

So how do you get the coveted top search engine rankings? Great site content is key. What if you could get people in your community to create the content for you, and build a relationship with them at the same time? That's what your own branded review site does.

Want to find out more about client reviews of your business as an SEO powerhouse? Then follow the link to Realtor® SEO.

CRM for Political and Non-Profit Organizations

Are you a political or non-profit organization looking to

  • Increase donations
  • Expand your support base
  • Genuinely connect with people you're unaware of, but who support your cause

ABS's CRM solutions can help you do just that by systematically extending your outreach to build real relationships with current and potential supporters. Read more

Getting Social Media Right

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard lots of talk about "social media" and what they can do to spread any message, be it commercial, charitable, or political.

It's true that you can reach astonishing numbers of people very quickly by using Twitter, Facebook,, and other social networking platforms. But social media campaigns can backfire if they're done wrong. Nothing arouses the ire of social media fans more quickly than anything they perceive as "spam," or even worse, phony grassroots activism.

Want to learn more about how to do social media right? Please contact us.